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Scorpius Dance Theatre


Scorpius Dance Theatre has been voted BEST CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY & BEST DANCE COLLECTIVE by Phoenix New Times. Scorpius is renowned for its highly accessible, full-length, themed productions. Scorpius is always creating edgy and inspiring repertory works that further showcase the company?s artistry and entertainment abilities. Celebrating 15 years in the Valley, Scorpius has been a constant presence in the metropolitan Phoenix arts community since its debut, combining the motifs of humor, drama, and both organic and technical movement and aerial arts to form a very distinct brand of dance-theater. Scorpius also made a significant impression internationally in Edinburgh, Scotland as a Fringe favorite with Booking Dance Festival. Audiences leapt to their feet in standing ovations as they closed the show with pulsating, high-octane dance. Their aerial components were equally mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful with an emotional depth that garnered them rave reviews. Bravo.

Touring Programs

The following are full-evening productions that explore narratives via Scorpius?s unique blend of dance-theater

A Vampire Tale


Catwalk...I love Duran Duran

An Unusual Love Story?David & Lisa

Dreaming In Water

Kick A Showcase


The true allure is arresting imagery and emotional intensity. It's a lot closer to MTV than Tchaikovsky, but the music, movement and staging combine into a spectacle that's genuinely eerie ... and sexy as hell. ? Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic

?A Vampire Tale? showcases Starry's exotic, barefooted troupe in moody and occasionally breathtaking scenes that range from aerials on suspended strips of fabric to coffin-side seductions. Mostly, though, the show is a chance for Starry to celebrate certain delicious juxtapositions: sultry sexiness and fun-house menace; dance that's fluid one moment, herky-jerky the next; the earthbound and the airborne; the subtle and the overt. ? Chris Page, Get Out


CATWALK is a sexy, fun and sincere celebration of the pure joy of glamour. - Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic

It was just the inspiration and entertainment I needed. -- Audience Member, CATWALK 2010 ..the dancing, the fashion, the videos, the music, the spoofs ? it was all fantastic! - Fashion Phoenix

An Unusual Love Story... David & Lisa

I truly admire Lisa Starry's artistic vision and her company is professional quality.       - Matt Lehrman, Alliance for Audience

It was a first-rate production. Lisa has carved out her own niche between the audiences of dance and theater. - Susan M. Skrzycki,

They never fail to make me laugh, touch me, and leave me feeling better than when I walked in. - Stacy Van Dyke

Performance Highlights:

Booking Dance Festival at The Edinburgh Fringe

A Vampire Tale: Helena, Montana & Whitby England

Dreaming In Water: Sedona Az

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Scorpius Dance Theatre

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