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Art of Motion Dance Theatre was founded by Lynn Needle and Olivia Galgano placing an emphasis on creating specific roles featuring each dancer`s unique expressive range and honoring their interest and commitment to revitalizing the classics, and creating new, fresh and vital work reflecting the world in which we live. The company`s touring programs encompass an array of dance genres, and feature collaborations in music, film, lighting, and elaborate costuming. The company tours, teaches and performs in theatres, festivals, gardens and public spaces as well as Arts-In-Education events where the company`s outreach extension program has impacted thousands of school children in the metropolitan area.

Touring Programs/ Video Links:

Six Solos

A one act spanning six plus decades from 1953-2016 features work by seminal choreographers Alwin Nikolais, Claudia Gitelman and Lynn Needle exemplifying the German school of modern dance and its evolution

Gorky's Dream Garden

This work tells the story of artist Arshile Gorky whose Newark Airport Murals commissioned in the 1930s by the WPA stand tall today like beacons of innovation at the Newark Museum. A survivor of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Gorky blazed into the dynamic art world of pre-and post-World War II New York City, until events led him to...the dream garden. Traversing the heartache, tragedies and triumphs of the artist, this spellbinding psycho-drama examines our connection to family, the imagination and the world.

Legend, Myth & Nature/ HEAVEN & EARTH

The program, characterized as the epitome of organic beauty, pays homage to eastern and western aesthetics. The suite embodies the mysticism of the heavens and the glory of planet earth. Considered a new age creation myth HEAVEN and EARTH is performed in 7 sections by 7 dancers set to 7 pieces of curated music, featuring costume design and construction by Annie Hickman.


This program is a green collaborative project based on Stevie Wonder`s instrumental score Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants and the New York Times best-selling book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird The Secret Life of Plants. The full evening features elaborate costuming by Annie Hickman and a theatrical ecosystem created by lighting design and projections by the centenarian Ruth Grauert. It invites the audience to examine the Earth, global warming, and climate change.

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