Booking Dance Festival 2024

Saturday, January 13, 2024

7:00pm - 10:00pm
Followed by an After-Party until midnight!
See 15 different dance companies in one show!


Audience free to come and go throughout

For the past decade, Jodi Kaplan & Associates has hosted the Booking Dance Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center, successfully connecting showcasing artists with top national and international presenters.

For APAP 2024 Booking Dance Festival has been invited to partner with Open Jar!

Experience the unique chance to showcase in an excitingly hip theatrical environment, a spectacular 66' x 50' studio with an enhanced lighting display and 22-foot high ceilings, just a few blocks from the Hilton. With sprung wood floors and risers to accommodate industry professionals and Broadway VIPs, you will have an expansive space to dance!

This elegant, fully-produced, and professionally managed APAP showcase will be creatively curated by producer Jodi Kaplan. Presenters will attend our select event by invitation only, and we will end the night with bang in an afterparty overlooking Times Square!

As a celebrated Broadway producer and Tony voter, Jodi Kaplan also plans to feature a "Broadway Hour" within the showcase schedule to highlight the brightest Broadway choreographic stars -- both to inspire the performing arts theater community, and to expose for consideration within a comercial context. A mutually beneficial positioning!

Applications are reviewed first come first serve. Deadline December 1.

Click here to apply!

OPEN JAR: This will be the first time this stunning space will be positioned for APAP showcasing. Presenters and Arts Industry Professionals greatly appreciate the novelty of a new venue location and we anticipate this will contribute to the Booking Dance Festival showcases at OPEN JAR as a highlighted "go to" event at the conference and within the Broadway community. Especially considering Open Jar's close proximity to the Hilton with illustrious views overlooking Times Square!

In anticipation of our “unplugged” Booking Dance Festival at Open Jar in 2024


To date, Booking Dance Festival NYC has featured over 130 different dance companies from 20 states across the U.S.A., with 1,000 dancers having performed in BDF NYC at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Since its inception in 2013, there has been an emphasis on highlighting American dance artists. Additionally, the festival invites a selection of top international artists to participate each year. Past artists have travelled all the way from China, Italy, France, Martinique, and Canada to perform at Booking Dance Festival.

A continued emphasis for JK&A's ninth annual Booking Dance Festivalin 2023 was is its educational outreach program, inviting young students throughout the NYC metropolitan area to view the performance for free, inspiring a new generation of artists. Outreach this year includes dance students from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts and Brooklyn Ballet. Past participants also included the 92Y's Harkness Dance Center. Lead by our Artistic Advisor and Educational Director Eva Master Kaplan.

Upcoming in 2024 – ready to rock Times Square with an “unplugged” showcase line up in the heart of Times Square. Hip. Dynamic. Extraordinary. Moving forward! Always.



Featured Artists include:

Alessandra Corona Performing Works (NYC)

Cardinal Movement and Company (NYC)

Chicago Dance Crash (Chicago, IL)

Dancers Unlimited (NYC / Hawaii)


FJK Dance (NYC)

International American Ballet (NYC)

LLMoves (NYC)

Louise Reichlin & Dancers / Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers (Los Angeles, CA)

Ori Flomin Dance (NYC)

SHAPESHIFT (Minneapolis, MN)

Water Street Dance Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)

WonderTwins (Philadelphia, PA)

Xing Dance Theater (Baltimore, MD)





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