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Astra Dance Company (Los Angeles, CA)

An innovative, original narrative-dance-theater company, ADC combines historical and imaginative dance stylings, entrancing stories, original music, fantastic costumes and absorbing digital scenography. This growing company is constantly pursuing new avenues in both their concepts and their involvement and participation in arts and entertainment. ADC seeks to fascinate audiences of all ages with the incomparable experience of live dance-theater performances.

The Astra Dance Company is an ensemble of serious artists working in the dance-theater idiom with vision and energy to bring to life the stories we select. They construct innovative theatrical dance productions with deep narratives and integrated multimedia enhancements that complement traditional stagecraft.

The Astra Dance Company team continues to grow by focusing upon stories that are timeless and enchanting, making theater exciting and accessible through the unparalleled experience of powerful live dance-theater performance.

"The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari : Astra Dance Company has interpreted the twisted, sinister plot and expressionistic style of the 1920s silent horror film classic to produce a gorgeous if disquieting acrobatic ballet. A breathtakingly talented troupe of 17 neoclassical dancers, contortionists and circus artists emote and perform the melodramatic tale of murder and mystery against a projected backdrop of animation and abstract, jagged settings."
-Pauline Adamek, LA Weekly and ArtsBeat LA

Touring Programs

Each show is selected from classic literature, modern poetry, historic silent film, or is of ADC’s original design.

“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”
This is the company’s most ambitious project yet, with a sophisticated array of projectors building a surreal universe, and a fierce cast of performers recreating the passion and dramatic impact that the 1919 silent-cinema classic had upon the world of its day.

This multimedia production seamlessly weaves powerful, energetic and evocative dance, diverse and original music, vivid projections, stunning acrobatics and diverting circus arts to tell the classic, surrealistic and suspenseful tale of love, science, murder and madness at the turn of the last century.

Tours with 15-20 dancers + 5 crew members


Astra Dance Company recommends offering half price tickets to students, teachers, staff, and administrators during the first two weeks of a show.

Recent/Past Touring:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood

I Dreamed I Spoke in Another's Language - El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood

Eleonora - Electric Lodge, Venice & El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood

Astra von Berlifitzing - Burning Man, Electric Lodge, & Million Dollar Theater (Los Angeles)

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