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L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (Los Angeles, CA)

Meet the Artist

The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) is in its 8th season as Los Angeles’ resident contemporary dance company.  Presenting vivacious and relevant dance experiences for the community LACDC provides both commercial and concert artists with a stomping ground to craft the future of dance in L.A. and beyond.  LACDC takes pride in the eclectic and vibrant nature of the City of Angels, which is reflected in its dancers and the dynamic spirit of their work.  As a company, they are able to present a wide range of styles highlighting the outstanding versatility and strength of the performers and the open-minded, communal approach of their collaborators in the creative process.

“A vibrant, youthful repertory company under the creative leadership of rising star Kate Hutter, LACDC has helped put a fresh face on concert dance in the City of Angels.”
Dance Spirit Magazine

“L.A. Contemporary Dance Company continues to stretch our proverbial boundaries with inventive works, presented by a group of incredible dance artists. This company never fails to pull and prod life situations into dynamic works of art. ”

Touring Programs

L.A. Contemporary Dance Company currently has 4 tours available (2 evening-length programs and 2 rep bills). They include a collaborative dance/music/theatre production, an evening length piece to electronic music, and a mixed repertory showcase of L.A. based choreographers.

7 dancers, 6 singers, 1 actor
60 minutes; no intermission

“Gods and Marionettes” is a unique fusion of dance, music and theatre. Based on the great myths of Greek tragedy, the production is inspired by the collaborators’ research into the primitive ingredients of tragic theatre: text, movement and song. Seven dancers, six singers and a single actor present a startling and epic investigation into the role of the gods in our lives and the influence of our passion and free will on our actions.  The stunning movement of LACDC and the chilling vocals of Sonos, along with the wit of the narrator and contemporary vision of the directors, has produced a remarkable theatrical event unlike anything you have experienced before. Ephemeral and gripping.

6 dancers
55 minutes + 15 minute intermission: 70 min total.

“Catch and Release” is a high octane and physically charged piece choreographed by LACDC Artistic Director, Kate Hutter to the electronic music of gifted composer/producer Filip Zachary (aka Stropharia). In the music and in the dance, it is clear that the advances of our industrial civilization have left their mark, but our roots are still firmly planted in our primal nature.

8 dancers

PROGRAM A: 70 minutes + 15 minute intermission: 85 min. total

A mixed repertory performance showcasing the most innovative talents of the Los Angeles commercial and concert dance scene including choreography by Ryan Heffington (Ke$ha, Grammy’s), Adam Parson (SYTYCD Australia), and members of the company Genevieve Carson, Nichol Mason and Artsitic Director, Kate Hutter.

PROGRAM B:  60 minutes + 15 minute intermission: 75 min. total

A double bill of two theatrical works that incorporate projections and film into the performance accompanied by a soundtrack of pop and indie hits.  This program includes “I RAN” about a group of rebellious adolescents choreographed by Kate Hutter and “The Better To See You With”, a contemporary coming of age tale based on Little Red Riding Hood choreographed by Holly Rothschild (String Theory/ Strange and Elegant productions)

Performance Calendar

Jan 11 – 15


Jodi Kaplan & Associates Booking Dance Showcase at Jazz
at Lincoln Center & Reverb Festival at Baruch College in New York, NY

February 6


"Caravaggio” choreographed by Matteo Levaggi
L.A. County Museum of Art (LACMA) Bing Theater in Los Angeles, CA

March 9


Celebrate Dance featuring “Identity Theft” choreographed by Kate Hutter
Alex Theater in Glendale, CA

April 4 - 7


“Then. Now. Onward!” – Repertory Concert
Diavolo Dance Theater in Los Angeles, CA

April 12 – 13


“Catch & Release” performance and residency
Thacher School in Ojai, CA

April 14


L.A. Dance Festival featuring “Down up up Down” choreographed by Kate Hutter, Diavolo Dance Theater in Los Angeles, CA

April 27 – 28


“Catch and Release” exceprt – Dance On the Edge Festival
Artwalk in Little Italy / San Diego, CA

May 5 - 6


“Dance in the Desert” – Mixed Repertory Showcase
Coachella Valley Repertory Theater in Palm Spring, CA

May 8


“Catch and Release” excerpt – Dancescape LA
Club Nokia at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, CA

June 1


Featured in Los Angeles Arts & Culture profile in US Airways Magazine

June 21 – 23


2-city tour with indie band Foster The People; performances in Ashville, NC
And the Firefly Festival in Dover, DE

July 22 – Aug 2


5th Annual Summer Intensive hosting 50 students from across the country
Brockus Project Space in Los Angeles, CA

August 31


L.A. So-Cal Dance Invitational featuring Kate Hutter’s “Prite Oef Stringh”
Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood, CA

October 24 – 27


“The Fall” – Repertory Concert
Diavolo Dance Theater;  Los Angeles, CA

December 5 – 8


“Urban Nut” – Holiday Show
Brockus Project Space in Los Angeles & Electric Lodge in Venice Beach, CA

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