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PTERO Dance Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Hailed as “life affirming”, “breathtaking,” with “brilliant dances (which) brought the evening to a new level of dance performance and design,” PTERO continues to create unique and surprising ways to communicate the collective unconscious of humanity and positive social commentary though dance performance.  PTERO Dance Theatre, led by Artistic Director, Paula Present combines innovative images and ideas, dance activism, mythology, poetry, and theater to create meaningful and arresting dances. PTERO takes you on an experience that will enlighten and move you. It is refreshing to see a politically astute dance company take it all on!

"The choreographer Paula Present has a gift for creating memorable body sculpture and for shaping a sophisticated, contemporary movement vocabulary into fine-grained meditations on important current issues…” - LOS ANGELES TIMES

PTERO's seven short, brilliant dances brought the evening to a new level of dance performance and design… an astonishing trio of dancer / artists revealing beauty of line and shape with clarity and sharply focused intention." -  ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL

“...isn’t it refreshing to find an artist with a positive political activism?  (Sarandon Cassidy) Vincent’s solos of longing in a sand pile, in which she roiled dust clouds, were among the night’s most poetic moments.” -  LA Weekly

Touring Programs

Number of Dancers:
Program A: H2Eau
Program B: Repertory Program

Program A: H2Eau

H2Eau draws inspiration from the necessity of water conservation, in the hopes of raising awareness of personal water use as well as insightful perspectives of the water crisis globally. The dances address these issues by juxtaposed themes of abundance and thirst.  But this is NOT a preachy or shoving-statistics-down-your-throat kind of show. It has been very effective in bursting bubbles about the water crisis; the movement of water, the dust of dryness, and the trickling of time are sources of inspiration, and lend themselves to dance beautifully and artfully. Show includes photography and film.

Program B: Repertory Program

From Rodin sculpture, mythology, and a good dose of social commentary, PTERO showcases their critically acclaimed signature dances from 2004-2012. 

Touring Program in Development
Love is Love is Love – Love is a timeless theme that has inspired many artists.  Currently, there are lawful restrictions on who one can marry. Love is Love is Love takes a stand for love with no boundaries, and explores the many stages and emotions surrounding love.


Paula Present teaches a weekly class at IDA Hollywood open classes, and one class in the IDA Hollywood Certificate Program. 

Performance Calendar

Recent/Past Touring:

Wild West Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Festival Internacional, Frontera Indepediente, El Centro Cultural "La Alborada" Tijuana
Dulces Compañías, El Centro Cultural "La Alborada" Tijuana
Mexico Tour, El Centro Cultural "La Alborada", El Centro de las Artes de Baja California
Celebrate Dance Festival, Casa Del Prado, San Diego
10 Years, Gallery One, San Francisco

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