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Meet the Artist

Synthesis Dance Project: beautiful bodies in motion, 
making fierce and soulful statements about the world inside and out. 
Synthesis Dance Project celebrates athleticism, vitality and pure dance through passionate performances. Firmly grounded in classical technique and drawing from all styles of movement, Synthesis Dance Project combines the daring rebellion of modern lines with the rhythm and pulse of jazz dance. We invite the audience into the world of honest emotion and bold ideas through thoughtful and expressive work that challenges the boundaries of any singular dance genre. The company’s vibrant and magnetic energy bursts off the stage during sold out performances, commanding standing ovations.

Artistic Director Tracie Stanfield creates fluid, organic visions that display a remarkable wealth of artistry, passion and thought provoking narratives. Her work with Synthesis Dance Project has been described as “like all great portraits, revealing and concealing at the same time”.

Tracie Stanfield’s work as an Artistic Director, Choreographer and Educator ensures her position as an authority on the cutting edge of dance and education.

Over the past decade, the company has held annual New York City seasons with additional extensive touring throughout the United States. International engagements include Japan, Turkey, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Successful US engagement highlights include Boston University, Towson University, Hollywood Performing Arts Center and select local community festivals, such as The Grier Gala in Pennsylvania, The Bluegrass State Dance Festival in Kentucky, and SoNo Arts Festival in Connecticut. In addition to annual seasons, additional special New York engagements include performances at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, The Duke, Joyce SoHo, Dixon Place, Bryant Park, Untermyer Park in Yonkers, NuDance Now Festival at Riverside Church, The Lion Theatre at Theatre Row, Cool NY Dance Festival in Brooklyn, and Jamaica Performing Arts Center in Queens.

Artistic Director Tracie Stanfield is “an innovative voice in expanding the jazz dance form” - JazzDance E News

“The graceful choreography was a pleasure to watch and the dancers’ execution was brilliant” -

“Tracie goes way beyond the steps to share emotional and physical rhythms that take the dancer and the audience on a wonderful journey of life!”
- Acia Gray, Artistic Director, Tapestry Dance Company

Touring Programs
Synthesis Dance Project is a repertory company. The evening is created to invite the audience into a world of pure and honest emotion. The repertory is as diverse as it is entertaining. The program is a well rounded experience – something for everyone. “For Liars, For Sages and For Those Who Are New” is energetic, magnetic in performance. “From Fever or Forgotten Wings” paints soulful portraits of the human experience. With frenetic athleticism the dancers partner in “Infinite Loop.” “FanFare” is a comically whimsical exploration of femininity.

Tours with 5-8 dancers.
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Repertory includes:

Truth or Unnecessary Pain. A Pilgrimage examines confronting and moving through life experiences to evolve and grow. A haunting, lyrical contemporary piece that brings the audience on a journey past pain and into life.

A Time Will Come is, at first look, a duet with a bench. Spending time with the piece, the experience unfolds, at once, into a solo, a duet and a trio exploring and discovering resistance, cooperation and independence.

Overture & Underscore is a portrait of a modern day ballerina; pared down and exposed as a graceful, strong, sensual woman that moves outside of “the line”, away form the shelter of safety and convention. This piece is about loss, the stripping away of layers, vulnerability and giving away power in a world that values appearance, beauty and going along with the masses.

For Liars, For Sages and For Those Who Are New is an energetic, interesting and
engaging Dance Theatre piece.  Dancers dressed in brightly colored hoop skirts invite the audience into a world of play through gesture, expression, athleticism and humor. For Liars, For Sages and For Those Who Are New is a joyful display of the blurred line between fantasy and reality. A perfect blend of technical precision, passionate performances, and a bunch of cool stuff put together!

Sircle: Combining raw emotional intensity, technical precision and commitment to exploring the human experience, the dancers invite the audience to look “at” and “through” the piece, to become aware of the elements that live under the surface.

From Fever or Forgotten Wings is a soulful portrait of individuals, capturing their spirit through dramatic poses and carefully orchestrated interactions between bodies. This piece brings a balance, between light and dark moods and graceful and impulsive movements, ending in a unique relief. A sense of femininity, intimacy and density all come together seamlessly.


Artistic Director Tracie Stanfield travels the world teaching and choreographing. Dance Magazine calls her classes “inspiring”. She was named one of nine dancemakers making history.  Tracie has taught and choreographed for companies in Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica and throughout the US.

The company offers extensive outreach programs and residencies. Artistic Director Tracie Stanfield can set work on students to perform alongside the company in concert (we call the experience “barefoot bootcamp”). Synthesis Dance Project has also created a performance geared for young audiences with a q & a at the end. Some pieces have hidden “clues” or games inside. The q&a helps young audience members learn how to look at dance and “climb inside”. In addition to working with dance students, special classes can be created for young non-dancers. Essentially Synthesis Dance Project is the “IT” company for outreach in conjunction with performances.

Recent Touring Includes

Booking Dance Festival Edinburgh 2013 – Synthesis Dance Project was the festival’s featured company and garnered standing ovations along with 5 star reviews

Untermyer Park’s Summer Concert Series

Boston Unviersity – split bill with Bosoma Dance Company

Hollywood Center, Hollywood, FL

Los Angeles Dance Invitational

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