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This groundbreaking new collaborative show is presented by two of the most innovative and talented groups in their respective fields. World-renowned cellist Dave Eggar and his Grammy-nominated band, Deoro, are reinventing the classical genre by infusing it with hip-hop, reggae, bluegrass, jazz, pop, and world music. This powerhouse group of musicians joins forces with the world champion dancers of Hammerstep, a revolutionary dance show striving to overcome cultural and socioeconomic differences through an integration of previously rebellious urban dance forms like traditional Irish step, tap, and hip hop. Features the lead dancers of "Riverdance" performing their own breakout work blew audiences away at Lincoln Center in the Summer 2011!

"Breathtaking! a deliverance from the sedate formality of the typical cello recital"        -The New York Times
Cutting Edge Crossover - The Lincoln Journal    
An Unending Crescendo - Time Magazine

Touring Programs

Hammerstep offers a fully integrated evening length adventure of dance and live music.  Blurring the boundaries of classical music, hip-hop, Irish step dance tap and jazz, the audience is taken on a powerful journey.  The company also offers an extensive outreach menu including master classes in dance (jazz, hip-hop, tap, Irish step dance) and music (jazz, music production, classical music, music business) and has a special interactive educational show for children.   

Hammerstep is available in two formats:
5 dances/4 musicians
3 dancers/3 musicians.

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