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Rennie Harris Puremovement (Philadelphia, PA)

Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM) is considered one of the world's most eminent dance companies and has toured nationally and internationally. The company encompasses the diverse and rich African-American traditions of the past while presenting the voice of new generations through ever-evolving interpretations of dance. RHPM creates a landscape of movement, rhythm, sound, and images to reflect the spiritual core of self and society and as a vehicle for uniting people and cultures. 

"Virtuosic long columns of superlatives could only begin to suggest their dynamic kinetic and fresh appeal." - The Washington Post

"Rennie Harris is the Basquiat of the US contemporary dance scene"
- London Times

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Touring Programs

20th Anniversary Retrospect

Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM) Dance Company performs a program of groundbreaking work created between 1992 and 2011. RHPM's Repertory roster is also infused with the recent addition of "Something to do with Love Vol. I." The first installment of a three part flirty, infectious romp set to the timeless rhythms of Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.  Repertory program also includes: "P-Funk" (1992), focuses on the individuality and group dynamics of Harris's athletic male dancers; "March of the Antmen" (1992), a reflective and timely politically charged work that draws upon the tone and aura of an original musical score created by Harris' friend Dru Minyard whose life and death inspired the piece; and "Continuum" (1997), a dazzling cipher   that showcases the breathtaking virtuosity of Harris and his company. Harris also brings back to the stage "Students of the Asphalt Jungle" which was supported in part by American Masters: Dance. A hallmark of Hip Hop dance vocabulary "Students of the Asphalt Jungle" reflects and incorporates the energy and influence of African movement, gymnastics and Capoeira which have [for Hip Hop] been handed down through spirit and instinct.


Educational Workshops
Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM) is guided by an artistic moral philosophy that every individual is a creative reservoir waiting to be tapped. Artistic Director, Rennie Harris rejects the notion of the sum of being a dancer [of any kind] is formal training, which he believes can subjugate individual creativity. For Mr. Harris, training is a tool for enhancing individual ability therefore RHPM's workshops focuses on learning the language of Hip Hop movement while discovering your own individual voice.


Rennie Harris and his company members are well versed in the vernacular of Hip Hop, popping, locking, stepping, break, house and other styles that have emerged from the African American and Latino communities of inner city America.

These masterclasses include exercises to develop muscle strength, flexibility and stamina. The basic movement and techniques are defined, practiced and developed into combinations. Hip Hop styles are explored as sources for inspiration and vocabulary for choreography. In addition, the movement is technically tied to complex and often challenging, invigorating and uplifting driving rhythms.

One Masterclass generally runs for 1-1/2 hours


Moderated by Rennie Harris or principal members of the company, this lecture introduces audiences to personalities who influenced or invented various techniques and styles that have contributed to the Hip Hop dance culture. More importantly, the lecture/demonstration illustrates how Hip Hop has its roots in African tradition and culture throughout the Diasporas and includes not only African American, but Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican cultures from the early sixties throughout today. This program includes a built-in Question and Answer period for audiences.

"History of Hip Hop" Lec/Dem runs 45min to 1 hour

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